My eyebrow tattoo experience and the 3D Hairstroke Method

I recently had my eyebrows tattooed with the 3D hairstroke method. Wow! What a result! I love them! My eyebrows look super amazing!

I found this tattooist on the internet, after a very long investigation. I chose them as they always got back to all my emails quickly, they answered all my questions and sounded really friendly in the emails and over the phone. Also they don’t charge for a consultation which a great help when you’re trying to find the perfect beautician, and I was visiting quite a few before choosing the right one.

At the consultation I felt that they really cared about me and they were interested in my previous eyebrow tattoo experiences (good and bad) and they wanted me to have the perfect result and the brows I always dreamed of.

They were patient and listened to everything I had to say. We talked about what I would like and what I don’t like in terms of the shape, thickness, colour etc.

I had other eyebrow tattoos done in the past and I always felt nervous going to the appointment. This is because I had plenty of bad experiences and I was apprehensive and I lost trust in this industry. But this time everything was different. I didn’t feel nervous and they fully gained my trust through the email conversations, and my initial appointment!

When I arrived they assured me that we’ll have plenty of time to discuss all the details including the shape, thickness, colour, density of the hair stokes etc. Then they drew the eyebrow shape. I was amazed how perfectionist the beautician was. She redraw them many times, untill she was totally satisfied with the shape and thickness. She even said not to look into the mirror until she’s absolutely satisfied with the drawing. After a while she asked me to check and see what I think. For me they looked perfect but they were a little too thick. Without hesitation she started to redraw them again, until we both were hundred percent satisfied with all the aspects of my brows.

Once the shape, thickness, length was perfect she started tattooing the brows line by line. After each time she’s gone through them she asked me to check in the mirror just in case I wanted any adjustment.

It didn’t hurt at all, also she put numbing cream on the skin area even before she started to draw the shape. Then throughout the process she put some more on the skin. It felt actually almost ‘nice and calming’. It may sound strange but it’s true. Maybe it felt ok because I totally trusted her and I knew she knows exactly what I want and she’s perfectly capable of delivering the perfect result.

The tattooing felt like little scratches, I could feel her tattooing each line, but only a little. In fact I could most hear what’s going on and feel it a little (as the numbing cream was doing a great job).

They were getting there….. After about 40 mins they were done. When I looked in the mirror I could not believe how real and perfect they looked.

My skin around the brow area felt a bit tight and it was red. They said it’s absolutely normal and the redness did go in a few hours.

I absolutely love my eyebrows! It’s so important to feel confident in your skin and sometimes having no eyebrows or a ruined tattoo can knock your confidence for a long time or even ruin your life. This procedure can turn back time and change your life by giving you real looking, perfect eyebrows!

I was given some aftercare cream to use. And in the price a retouch is included to touch up any gaps or to strengthen the colour. The healing time is around five weeks, then I’ll have retouch if I need it.

I can truly recommend permanent makeup to everyone. But make sure you choose the right beautician with lots of experience.

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